The two shipping companies have teamed up to specialize in the Asian market!

2023-01-09 13:58


South Korean shipping company HMM has announced a partnership agreement with NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd. (NBP) to provide bulk cargo transport services from the Far East to the Middle East.

Tokyo-based NBP is a global heavy and project cargo transportation company, according to HMM.HMM and NBP recognize that mutual business cooperation can benefit from their strengths and expertise in bulk and project cargo transportation between Japan/Korea and the Middle East and contribute to future growth.

NBP is a wholly owned subsidiary of NYK Line, one of the largest shipping companies in the world, and is a leading project cargo and heavy cargo shipping company in Japan.

NBP operates a fleet of about 40 crane-equipped multi-purpose vessels (MPPS), including two newly built heavy lift vessels MV Katori and MV Kifune, each equipped with a modular 800 ton crane and a hold capable of transporting a variety of cargo, including onshore and offshore wind power components,And high heavy item cargo.

Headquartered in Seoul, HMM is a global shipping company that provides logistics solutions by operating container ships, tankers, and bulk carriers.

In addition, HMM is a leading heavy haulage company in South Korea, operating five to six large MPP vessels (30,000 deadweight tons) in South Korea. Each ship is equipped with a 640-ton combination crane. And, HMM has a strong presence in heavy lifting services that can provide reliable schedules, skilled port captains and engineering skills, and a global network.